Evolution Gymnastics Aurora Inc


Six years strong, and by design, Evolution Gymnastics Aurora provides its clients with a unique experience, different than most other gymnastics centres. Offering ample space for spectators, free Wi-Fi, and a relaxed, inviting, and encouraging atmosphere in the gym, our facility has a real “community” feeling.

Our staff and coaches strive to provide all our clients with a positive experience, while offering our athletes top quality gymnastics training.



  • Only program participants are allowed in the gym:
    If an athlete is late, they should report to the front desk where arrangements will be made for them to be escorted into the gym by a staff member.
  • Athletes must remain with their coaches at all times:
    Under no circumstances are athletes allowed in the gym without coach supervision.
  • Participants must wear appropriate athletic attire:
    (a gym suit, or snug-fitting t-shirt and shorts) and BARE FEET (leather soled non-skid gymnastic slippers are allowed). No street clothes, shoes, hats or jewelry are permitted (small stud-type earrings are OK). Long hair must be tied up, and bangs clipped back, so that there is no obstruction to the athlete’s vision.
  • Water in a non-breakable & capped bottle is allowed in the gym:
    Water bottles must be labeled with the athlete’s name, and must be kept on the table by the gym entry point.
  • Walk when moving through the gym:
    Watch for athletes tumbling, vaulting and dismounting from equipment. Walk AROUND landing mats and circuits.
  • Treat others with respect:
    and speak in an appropriate tone (yelling, teasing and bullying are unacceptable behaviours, and will not be tolerated). Unless specifically directed by your coach, keep out of one another’s personal space.
  • Clean up after yourself:
    Dispose of used athletic tape, garbage and empty water bottles appropriately. If you spill something, clean it up. This applies to common areas too.
  • Except for Birthday Parties, no photography permitted without management approval:
    No flash photography is allowed during any activity.
  • Do not leave valuables in the change rooms.
  • In the gym, cell phones may only be used in case of emergency.


Registration is by session (four per season) and fees are calculated based on the number of weeks in the session. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, with current/former members having the opportunity for advanced registration. Spaces cannot be reserved without payment in full.

Registrations are non-refundable, and make-up classes are not available. Space permitting, trial classes can be arranged, and mid-session registration is possible, with fees pro-rated for the number of weeks remaining in the session. An additional membership & insurance fee applies once per year, with renewal on July 1st.