Evolution Aurora Gymnastics

This information is current as of September 18, 2021

We have received an update regarding the new vaccine regulations and the use of vaccine passports / vaccine paperwork. The law now allows the province to fine any business that fails to require vaccine proof to be given at entry for anyone over 12 years of age.
These fines are significant as therefore we will be adhering to the policies and procedures outlined below beginning on SEPTEMBER 22, 2021:


The current regulations state that any person under the age of 18 who is at EGA for the sole purpose of training DOES NOT have to present proof of vaccination. This applies ONLY to active athletes who will not remain on site before or after training. The regulations state that masks and social distancing is still required when athletes move around the gym or are arriving or leaving.


The current regulations specify that anyone over 12 must have proof of FULL vaccination to enter the premises to watch the athletes. However, social distancing and masking protocols are still enforced to protect the athletes and everyone in the gym. Although we have restricted numbers in the gym for viewing, we still require masks and social distances to be observed while inside. Once you have given your proof of vaccination your name will be added to the approved list to be kept with our admitting staff and WILL NOT be required each time you enter.
The Government issued update states that businesses are encouraged to call 911 in the case of anyone refusing to provide the correct identification or for anyone attempting to falsify their information. Since we will be fined for non compliance this is the approach we are forced to take.

Please note that FULL vaccination status is required and can be proven with the following:

Paper receipt of the second dose from the pharmacy. A photo or photocopy is acceptable.
Email receipt that was sent to you after your second shot.
Digital download of your status from the Government of Ontario website.

This will change once the vaccine passport app is available in October.

While we understand that some families may not agree with the requirements it is unfortunate that as a business we will be fined or closed down should we choose not to follow suit. Let’s all do our part to protect each other and see this challenging time come to an end.

We thank you for your cooperation.