Evolution Aurora Gymnastics


For the past eight years, EGA has been proud to provide it’s clients with a unique experience, different than most other gymnastics centres. Sarah and Bruce Smith committed to developing a strong sense of community in the club and it is this proud history that Nicole and Simon Kay are keen to preserve as they become the new owners of Evolution Gymnastics Aurora.
EGA aims to be known as a provider of high quality programming and training for the athletes, quality education for the coaches and a strong sense of community among the members. 

Nicole and Simon met at North York General Hospital where Nicole was the Helpdesk Coordinator and Simon was working as the Head of Network Security. After working in the same department for the last 18 years this transition to having separate workplaces will take some adjustment. They were married in 2007 and had a beautiful daughter, Elyse, in 2010. They have been living in Aurora for the past 11 years and are very proud of the close knit community that the town has become.

They will continue to foster this sense of community in the club and are always available for questions, comments and suggestions.

Your new owners, Simon and Nicole Kay

The Kay Family, Simon, Nicole and Elyse.
Nicole as a gymnast.
Elyse with her Silver ribbon.

Simon Kay

I was born in York, England and grew up playing Rugby at club, Regional and National level. I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for 25 years and have been involved in Gymnastics for 12 years. I am a NCCP certified Level 3 Women’s and Level 3 Men’s competitive coach. I started at EGA as a strength and conditioning coach and quickly moved on to coach the senior competitive girls. Most recently I have taken the responsibility of coaching the Provincial stream girls which is a very proud achievement for me and something I take very seriously.

My passion for coaching and training has always been with me, it has been a dream of mine for many years to be able to run a gym of my own and I am very proud and excited that this opportunity has come along. My commitment to the athletes who spend their time to come to us and the parents who sacrifice so much to have their children be part of our gymnastics family is extremely important to me and I hope I can provide a rewarding experience for all.

Nicole Kay

I was born at North York General Hospital, a place where years later I would spend 17 years as the IT Helpdesk Coordinator. I participated in many sports but my favourite of all was gymnastics. I spent hours at home doing cartwheels and handsprings in the yard with my friends and it was this passion that led me to become a Provincial gymnast and eventually a competitive coach. I hold my Women’s and Men’s Level 2 NCCP coaching certification as well as my Level 2 Trampoline. Every since I was a child I have dreamed of owning my own gymnastics club and finally my dreams are coming true. For me, Gymnastics has made me who I am today. As a coach, we strive to teach kids about life through gymnastics. Hard work, perseverance, respect, handling disappointment as well as success, and being disciplined. These are the lessons that will stay with them for life and help them succeed as well in life as they do in the gym all while having fun and keeping fit.

My primary responsibility will be managing the Recreational Program at EGA and being the face of Evolution Gymnastics Aurora. Please come by and introduce yourself to me in the office, I look forward to meeting you all.